God said I need someone strong enough to guard and protect, yet gentle enough to love babies and raise orphaned baby animals. Somebody who will spend all day on a couch with a resting head and supportive eyes to lift the spirit of a broken heart. 

So God made a Great Dane.-   

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About Nghala Great Danes

On a stormy April night in 1995 my wife Talita had me driving through mud and rain to fetch our first Great Dane called Fritz. Since that day we had never been without a Dane. We lost Fritz when he protected Talita against a Cape Cobra.
When the first Potgieters arrived in Africa from Germany via the Netherlands prior 1665 they fell in love with their new found motherland and raised their sons and daughters in this harsh land.

Today more than 300 years later we breed and raise our Great Danes, originally from Germany, in the harsh North Western Bushveld of Southern Africa the same as our fore fathers did with their sons and daughters. Bred for Africa these dogs are sturdy muscled   animals, docile
though aggressive when needed.

Our dogs live with and raise lions and other wild animals, track, hunt and herd cattle when needed. We breed our dogs for which they were originally bred. Still Gentle Gaints, they will look after and protect those who care for them.

Our Pups – Our Pride

DSCF2161Our puppies is our pride and joy. To give you the new proud owner of a Nghala Great Dane pup a strong and healthy puppy we raise our pups to the age of 8 weeks with loving and tender care when they leave to their new homes. We start feeding our pups from the moment they can see and are able to eat.  Mothers go on puppy pellets from the day of mating till she weans her pups. Yes till she weans her pups herself. We do not wean the puppies and leave that to the mother.

By keeping our mothers in good condition with the right and enough food we ensure her health and the puppie’s maximum growth and good health. All our dogs have free access to bone meal to ensure they get enough calcium to build a strong bone structure.

We do not always have pups, because the mothers are not incubators and must also rest.

Our kennel is situated in Nietverdiend,  Zeerust.